Custom Design & Engraving

Your laser engraving experience is our priority, we provide precision engraving, etching(marking) and cutting services. We are able to produce; products from design to complete projects, engraving & cutting from your own designs or engraving on your existing items.

Our cutting and engraving rates start at only R3,80 per minute with a set-up fee of R50-00, We also offer custom design services at competitive pricing.

  • Engraving & cutting – R3.80 per min with a min of 10 min
  • Marking with Cermark – R4.50 per min with a min of 10 min
  • Rotary Engraving – R5.50 per min with a min of 10 min
  • Design – R450 per hour with min of 15min

Materials we can cut, mark and engrave. (The size of the laser bed is 1300mm x 800mm)

Cutting (up to 6mm thick)

Acrylic(ie Plexi glass), cardboard, matt board paper, wood, leather, some fabrics.

Marking & Engraving

Acrylic(ie Plexi glass), glass, wood, matt board, paper, cardboard, ceramic, granite, anodised aluminium, powder coated metals, some other metals can be marked with a marking ink.

Materials we can not cut:

Glass, ceramic, granite, mirrors & metals

Rotary engraving available, we can engrave on all types of materials up to a diameter of 150mm.  This can only be confirmed when fitment and focus have been tested.

Terms & Conditions of Laser engraving & cutting services.

By placing an order, you agree to the terms and conditions of Perfectly Pretty. Due to the nature of the materials used or supplied, there is no guarantee that any material will be able to produce identical results as samples or products on display. Any material supplied is done so at customers risk. Perfectly Pretty  cannot be held liable for any loss relating directly or indirectly from work & materials submitted. Material behave is different ways and the results cannot be guaranteed to be identical. Woods and leathers are natural materials and tend to include imperfections, these cannot be controlled and should be considered when planning the product or accepting the substrate selected.